Third Annual APEA Conference

Hong Kong 2007

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong, China, July 25-26, 2007

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IMF Recruitment

The International Monetary Fund is sending a recruitment team to the APEA annual conference III. The following information is taken from a flyer sent from the recruitment team to the conference. For more information and for applying for an interview, please visit the IMF site mentioned below.

Information for Students and Faculty:


International Monetary Fund


An International Monetary Fund (IMF) recruitment team will be providing information on IMF employment opportunities in Washington, D.C. and conducting preliminary interviews during the APEA conference in Hong Kong on July 25-26, 2007. Students who wish to be considered for an interview should submit their on-line application no later than 5:00 p.m. Thursday, June 28, 2007 (Washington, D.C. time).


Economist Program


The Economist Program (EP) is the "point of entry" for talented economists seeking an exciting career soon after completion of their graduate studies. Participants undertake challenging assignments and have the opportunity for specialized training while concurrently contributing to the IMF's work.


During the three-year program, participants are given two assignments, each lasting 18 months. Participants work closely with experienced members of the staff and are given considerable responsibility in carrying out operations-related analysis and research. In conjunction with their duties, participants typically take part in at least two missions (business trips) during each assignment period. In addition, participants take training courses on IMF policies and operations, software applications, written and oral communications, and may receive language instruction, of all which enrich their assignment. Participants also have access to in-house economics training seminars and external conferences to enhance their professional skills and support career development.


Toward the end of their third year, successful participants may be offered a permanent ("regular") staff position, provided that performance during the EP period has been fully satisfactory and contingent upon the availability of staff vacancies.


Further information on the EP can be found on the IMF website:




To be considered for an interview for the 2008 EP during the APEA conference, please submit an on-line application via the IMF website no later than June 28, 2007. (Vacancy No. R007206001A).


Preliminary Interview:  Format and Preparation


During the half-hour preliminary interview for the EP, candidates will be asked to tell about their thesis. However, questions unrelated to a student’s research work may also be asked during the interview in order to determine how their work may be of relevance to the IMF. A knowledge of macroeconomics is very important, but we are also interested in students with specialist skills such as financial sector and public economics. Ideally, students should have a draft of their job-market paper available at the preliminary interview, and they should be ready to present their work and respond to questions. We have found that the best-prepared candidates are those who have been put through a practice interview with their professors or colleagues before we come.


Students who do well in the preliminary interview may be invited to a day-long panel interview during the period November 2007—January 2008.


Fund Internship Program


The IMF Internship Program (FIP) provides an opportunity for highly promising graduate students pursing an advanced degree/Ph.D. in macroeconomics or a related field to gain a better understanding of the IMF's work and contribute to the institution's mission.


During the 10 to 13 week period, interns work under the supervision of an experienced economist to carry out a research project and prepare a paper. Projects assigned to interns differ from year-to-year depending on the department's work program.


Further information on the FIP can be found on the IMF website: m/rec/job/summint.htm


On-line applications for the FIP may be submitted via the IMF website


according to the following schedule.


Winter 2007: Applications being accepted through July 31, 2007 (Vacancy No. R07594A)


(Note: The winter program is primarily for students attending university in the southern hemisphere).


Summer 2008: October 1 through December 31, 2007.


Students interested in the FIP are encouraged to attend the IMF’s presentation during the upcoming mission.


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