Elevenh Annual APEA Conference

APEA 2015

Taipei, Taiwan, July 8-10, 2015

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Registration - LDC Rate

Determine your Method of Payment

The individual registration fee for students or people from least developed countries is US$160 (or US$140 if pay by April 30, 2015). We strongly urge you to pay online: It is safe, simple, and convenient.

Paying Online: Please send an e-mail message to Professor Shin-ichi Fukuda (sfukuda2@e.u-tokyo.ac.jp), giving him your name, name of your affiliation, e-mail and postal address. If you are a student from a least developed country, please give Professor Fukuda also the name of your university, your year of study (first year, second year, and so on) and your mailing address. You will then be given the URL which you can use to pay online at the LDC rate.

Paying at site: If you choose to pay at the conference site, please click here.


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