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APEA Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 1


This newsletter was published in January 2012. It has news and information about the 8th APEA annual conference in Singapore in June 2012, survey series on economics and business administration, two new journals (China Economic Policy Review and Global Journal of Economics), and the two conferences in Seattle in March 2012. It also contains news about some members of the association, research units and universities in the world, plus several articles written by economists with their views on different economies and economic issues.

Hard copies of this newsletter can be ordered by clicking here, or you can download an e-copy of it by clicking here.

Because of the space limitation, the newsletter contains only abstracts of the six articles. The full paper can be downloaded using the following links:

  “COULD INDONESIAN ECONOMY BE SERIOUSLY AFFECTED BY THE EURO ZONE DEBT CRISIS?” by Tulus Tambunan, Center for Industry,  SME and Business Competition Studies, Trisakti University
  “Attracting Mining Listings to Hong Kong” Hsiang-Chih Hwang, Lingnan University, HK
  “Legal Enviroment of Mongolia’s Foreign Investment” B.Ganzorig, Foreign Investment Agency of Mongolia, MO.
  “The impression on the crisis in Milan” Kazuhiro Kurose, Tohoku University, JP
  “Money Matters even in the Long Run without any Price Friction” Masayuki Otaki, University of Tokyo, JP
  “A Two-city Story” Fengjuan Xiao, Central University of Finance and Economics, CN



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