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An International, Peer-reviewed Journal

Call for Papers

Economists are invited to submit papers for publication consideration in the Journal. Papers related to international economics and cross-country studies, theoretical or empirical, are all welcome.

The Journal is being edited by Kar-yiu Wong (editor-in-chief), working with several associate editors.

Papers submitted for publication consideration can be sent to <>. The policy of the journal is to make an editorial decision generally within the first three months after receiving the submissions.

The first issue of the Journal has been published and its papers are available for download . The publisher is offering free electronic subscription to the journal for 2012.

Please send questions or comments to Kar-yiu Wong <>.

You can download a flyer of the journal with basic information or a promotion flyer made by the publisher.

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This page was last modified on August 19, 2012. Comments are most welcome and can be sent to Kar-yiu Wong.